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[TID] git-sync

Today I discovered a litte script called “git-sync“.

It can be used to sync git archives, who could have guessed that?

The little script is a handy tool when it comes down to archives with, for example, org files. I personally use it to sync bookmarks, passwords and my org files now.

Where are the droids I am looking for?

I just switched back to Android. I tried all the big ones now. iOs of course. Windows Phone. And Android long before I ever held an iPhone in my hands.

So, why did I ever switch away from Android? Well, that is quite easy to answer: My Nexus 4 fell on the floor. The touchscreen was broken and a repair would have been more expensive than a new entry level Windows Phone device. So, as you might have guessed, I got a Windows Phone.

Back then I was using Spotify for music and other than that my sync needs are not big – email of course, but Windows Phone had no problem with that, only my card/cal-dav accounts were a bit tricky to set up.

Windows phone (version 8) was ok. Very fast for a very cheap phone.

But over the last few years my needs in terms of syncing changed. I left Spotify behind to build a music collection of my own and I stopped using keepass in favor of passwordstore. My todos went from todoist intoย org files. Neither iOS nor Windows Phone had Apps I could use to have a workflow that is straight forward across all my devices.

But the one thing, that made me go back to Android even when I did not need a phone:


No, I won’t tell you that google is the nicest of the 3 companies. In fact I think it is the worst. But Android is very usable without Google Apps. It just fits perfect in my way of doing things.

And my whole workflow had the goal to leave cloud services behind. So I did this on my mobile phone too, which was the last piece not fitting in my setup-puzzle.

[TIL] basename

Oh boy, if I only knew this one earlier.

Have you ever wondered how to split a path in a shell script so you can get the last part of it?

Well, search no more, basename is your hero.
basename /home/user/folder
Will give you:

Lost With the First Post

So,  this is it. Another first post. For those who know me of course. Otherwise I welcome you on my blog.

Why did I start over again you might ask. Well, you know me, right? I am always searching for something better. And as always when I change something my requirements around that thing changed.

Anyhow, this time I have some plans for the blog, so stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚

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